Monday, May 26, 2014

Following Up on The Big Break

This coming weekend will see the playing of the Shoprite Classic on the LPGA Tour.  This is significant in that one of the participants will be Emily Talley, who was the female winner of the Big Break NFL last year.

Emily's Big Break was a spot in the field of this LPGA event.  The Grandstander will be following her in this event and will report on her progress.  Good luck, Emily!

SPOILER ALERT:  The remainder of this post will discuss the recently completed Big Break Florida.  If you have saved these episodes on your DVR and have not yet seen them, stop reading now and come back later.

The season concluded last Monday night with a match between finalists Jackie Stoelting, 27, 

and Fiamma Felitch, 24.

Both were likable, attractive, and good players throughout the season, and I would have been happy had either young lady prevailed.  However, the championship  match offered little suspense, as Jackie dominated from the first hole on and won the match, 5 and 4.  As part of her Big Break, Jackie will have a spot in the LPGA Manulife Financial Classic in Ontario that will be played from June 5-8.  I shall be reporting on that event as well.

What was the best news of the finale was the fact that the "villainess" of the series, the equine-like and foul-mouthed Mary Narzisi, 24,

was not a part of the championship match.  She did make it to the Final Four of the series, and she got more irritating and unlikable with each passing show.  I was hoping she'd have been gone by week two.

Anyway, another great edition of the only "reality show" that I watch.  Can't wait for the next one.

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