Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Michigan Trip, Part 3: Traverse City and the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa

And now, time for the third and final installment of the story of our Michigan Vacation.

Having no idea as to where to stay in Traverse City, we selected the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa.  It was great choice, as the view from our room might indicate.

And the town of  Traverse City was also delightful.  A downtown shopping area 

jammed with interesting shops, two independent book stores (!), and many neat bars and restaurants, including this one

where we enjoyed dinner one evening.

We also discovered a great local product

that could well be, after the automobile, Michigan's greatest gift to America.

We also just happened to run into lots of interesting "stuff" that was happening to coincide with our visit.  These included a cool Saturday morning Farmer's Market,

a bicycle race,

and a Comic Book Convention that took place at our hotel over the weekend.

Now I once attended a SABR Convention, so I am in no position to cast aspersions on other people's hobbies and interests, but let's just say that there were a lot of interesting looking people attending the Comic Con.

We also discovered a great shopping/retail/residential development that is being developed in the buildings and on the grounds of a nineteenth century State of Michigan Mental Hospital.  Sounds strange, I realize, but it was quite nice.

We also visited a Casino (no pictures, sorry) where I came out $.50 ahead after an hour at the black jack table.  Yes, fifty cents!  Found some great places to eat,

enjoyed a nice pool area at the hotel,

and, I have to add, I enjoyed one of the best rounds of golf I have ever played at The Wolverine, a Gary Player designed course that is one of three courses at the Traverse Bay Resort.

It turned out to be a great little vacation that, as I said in an earlier post, exceeded all of our expectations. Who knows if we will ever get back "up north" again, but this will go down as one of our best trips ever, and one that we would recommend to anyone.

And just to put a cherry on the top of the sundae, we were treated to this spectacular sight from our room on our last night there:

As the advertising tag line goes, it was Pure Michigan.


  1. Splendid weaving of pictures and words, especially the final shot to end it...hey, Charles Dickens write his stories in installments..why not The Grandstander?

  2. Wow, Chas Dickens and me in the same sentence. David, I am honored.