Monday, May 5, 2014

"Candida" at the Pittsburgh Public Theater

Marilyn and I took in the Pittsburgh Public Theater's production of George Bernard Shaw's "Candida" last night.  

I suppose it is a mortal sin among theatrical folks to not like anything written by GBS, but what can I say?  We didn't like it.  Where to begin....

  • I know that this is a "period piece" set at the turn of the twentieth century, but did people actually talk that way?
  • You could see how this play was going to end about ten minutes into the first act.
  • The actors all gave it their best, so it wasn't their fault that we didn't like the play.  Except for the actor who played Mr. Marchbanks, who was real twit.  Or, perhaps he was directed to play the part that way, so maybe it's the Director who is at fault here.
We weren't alone.  There were two intermissions during the play, and after each one, the audience was smaller that prior to the intermission, and the house was only about half full to begin with.  The audience, as they say in show biz, spoke with their feet.

Oh, well, Public Theater, you can't his a home run every time up at the plate, and "Candida" was the theatrical equivalent of an infield fly rule pop up.

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