Sunday, August 24, 2014

Football Quick Kicks....

At a function we attended yesterday, I wore a golf shirt with a Steelers logo on it.  A friend said to me "Glad to see you're not giving up on the Steelers after that game on Thursday", to which my response was that I never get excited over what happens in exhibition games, on way or another, and I am not going to change that stance now.

That said, what little I have seen of the Steelers in these three practice games - and I admit that I have yet to watch any of them in their entirety - isn't real encouraging.  

With that in mind, some football thoughts and questions:

  • I heard on the telecast from Bob "The Cheerleader" Pompeani that the Eagles have 25 assistant coaches.  TWENTY-FIVE!!!!!  How far away are we from the day that there will be an assistant coach for each player on the team?
  • There were over thirty penalties in that Steelers game on Thursday.  I only watched the first half, and I would have guessed that there were thirty in the first half alone.  If the zebras are going to strictly enforces the contact rules regarding DBs and WRs, the coaches and players had better adjust how they play, and soon.  They obviously haven't made the adjustment as yet, rendering that game almost unwatchable.
  • Ryan Shazier looked well worth that first round pick against the Bills two weeks ago.  Against the Eagles, he looked like just another guy.
  • Speaking of first rounders, still waiting for Jarvis Jones to do something.
  • If the NFL is going to crack down on taunting (a good idea, imo) then why can't it include the exaggerated signaling of a first down by a player who just squeezed out a yard and a half on a third and one play?  The Steeler could be among the league leaders in this particular piece of hot-dogging.
  • A friend tells me that the Vegas over/under line on Steelers wins this year is 8.5.  Despite what we've sent he last two years and so far in the practice games, I would be inclined to bet the Over.
  • On the college front, I see that new Penn State Coach James Franklin is looking upon PSU's upcoming game in Ireland as strictly a "business trip" for his players.  Not going to allow too many distractions for his players as they visit a foreign land.  No reason that they should have fun or be open to new experiences when there is a game to be played.  We have already read this summer that Franklin is one of those coaches who sleeps in his office.  Looks like Franklin is going to be one of those fun guys in the Nick Saban/Urban Meyer mold.  Of course, that will be long as he wins.
  • Six days away from the Pitt opener against the Delaware Blue Hens.  Looking forward to being there!
  • I still can't get over the fact that the Eagles have 25 assistant coaches.

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