Saturday, August 9, 2014

Game Room Olympics 2014

Yesterday was the occasion of the playing of the Fifth Annual Game Room Olympics.  The GRO is the brainchild of my good friend John Frissora, who conceived the idea of the GRO five years ago, organizes and manages all of the events, and, most importantly, hosts the Games at his beautiful home in Wexford.

The GRO V featured a new event this year, Pinewood Derby Racing.  Now, back in the days of my youth, I was never one for models or putting things together.  I had no affinity for it, and still don't.  Nevertheless, I got into the spirit of the event and produced, the Badger Car:

Many years ago, when we worked two offices apart from each other at Highmark, John hung the nickname "Badger" on me, as then Penguins coach "Badger Bob" Johnson was much in the news those days.  So, the following was emblazoned upon the right side of the car:

My car did have a sponsor - this blog!

Here is a glimpse of the competition....

and a glimpse of the Badger Car as it revved up for it's first race...

upon the GRO Pinewood Track....

Unfortunately for me, competition-wise, this was as good as it got for the Badger Car.  Some serious design flaws relative to the weight placement on the car doomed it to finish well up the track.  I take pride, though, in knowing that the Badger Car was among the best, if not the best, LOOKING car in the competition.

I need to note that for the landing area at the end of the track, John used the blanket that his dog, Max, uses to relax upon, and at one point during the competition, Max just decided that enough was enough!

All thanks go out to John for another great day of fun and friendly competition at the Game Room Olympics.

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