Monday, August 25, 2014

Great Experience While Golfing This Morning.....

No, the "great experience" while golfing at Clover Hill today wasn't so much the actual golf (a so-so 45), but, rather, my playing partner.

I walked up to the first tee and there was young man on the tee who said, "Do you mind if I join you?"  We introduced ourselves and I learned that I would be playing with a young man named Jake who tomorrow will begin his senior year at North Hills High School.  He plays in the NH marching band, and is a member of the golf team.  He has already been accepted to attend IUP next fall, and he just couldn't have been a nicer kid.

When we departed today, I told him that I wish that I could meet his parents so I could tell them what a nice son they have raised.

One thing about playing golf is that you will often have experiences like this, meeting up with total strangers and spending a couple of delightful hours with them, and when it comes in the unexpected form of a teen aged kid, it is a real bonus.

So, thanks for the company today, Jake, and have a terrific senior year.

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