Sunday, March 8, 2015

"42nd Street" at North Allegheny High School

This past Friday evening we partook in what has become an annual event for us - the annual North Allegheny High School musical.  This year it was an old Broadway war horse, "42nd Street", and what a wonderful treat it was.

We have been attending the NA musicals for the better part of ten years and every time we walk out we always say, "this was the best one yet".  I also repeat what I always say after one of these, and that is, if you ever worry about the state of the world and "all these kids today", just go to a high school musical, any high school musical.  Your spirits will be lifted immensely from watching the energy, the energy, and the performances these 14-18 year old kids.

"42nd Street" was no exception, and we particularly enjoyed this one because four of the principal leads, two male and two females, were members of St. John Neumann, our home parish.  Well done Margot, Elizabeth, John, and  Mark, as well as ALL of the kids involved - actors, orchestra, and crew.

We also felt a kinship with this play because one our friends and fellow Caring Place volunteer, Andrea Jaecks, an art teacher in the NA school district, served as the choreographer for this play (as she has for the last several years).  Andrea had told us that probably 3/4 of the cast had never tap danced before, but if you saw this play, and saw those 40 or so kids up there on stage tap dancing their hearts out, you would have never known it. So while this play was all about the kids, and rightly so, I also want to send out special props to our friend Andrea.  You did a terrific job, Mrs, Jaecks!

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