Sunday, March 15, 2015

The NCAA Tournament Selections

Some quick comments after watching the NCAA Tournament Selection Show:

  • I think Seth Davis mentioned 19 schools who will advance to the Sweet Sixteen.
  • According to Doug Gottlieb, there are about a dozen teams in the field who shouldn't be there.  Really?
  • One of the guys, not sure if it was Davis or Gottlieb, and can you really tell them apart, said that in the Opening Round Arizona will be playing a "virtual home game" - in Portland, Oregon!  C'MON MAN!
  • Clark Kellog mentioned several teams who can "score the basketball".  Good to know that they aren't playing their games with baseballs or golf balls.
  • I miss the days of Billy Packer bitching and moaning that not every single ACC team made the tournament.
Robert Morris gets a play-in game in Dayton.  Not surprising.  Need to get past the Opreys of Northern Florida for the chance to upset the Dookies.

Let's Go Colonials!!!

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