Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Murder at the Dog Show

Many thanks to friend Kaye Mushrow Peltier, the Official New England Correspondent to The Grandstander, for tipping me off to this story about hinky doings on the Dog Show Circuit involving this lovable looking pooch.

This Irish Setter's registered name is Thendara Satisfaction, but is much better known as Jagger.  As Jagger is from Great Britain, I am guessing that this name is a bow to another well known Englishman, Mick, but I digress.

In any event,  three year old Jagger was competing in the prestigious Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, England.  The Crufts, from what I am able to discern, is THE dog show in England, comparable to the Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York City.  Anyway, during the course of the show, Jagger turned up dead.  An autopsy performed on Jagger showed that he had been fed poisoned meat.  Jagger had been murdered, presumably by the owners of competing dogs.

Authorities are investigating.

You expect to read about something like this in the ultra-cutthroat world of American youth sports (remember that story about the Mom who put out a hit on competing kid in a cheer leading competition a few years back? They made a TV movie about it), but at a Dog Show!  And in the home country of Lord Grantham, who so loved his unfortunately named dog, no less?

It would be easy to make a lot of "Best In Show" type jokes about this, but it really is a pretty awful story.

RIP Jagger.

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