Thursday, May 19, 2016


Thought I post about two eyesores that populate the North Hills of Pittsburgh.

The first sits off to the side of the highway on north bound I-279 right before the Bellevue/West View exit.   Large slabs of busted up concrete stacked up like poker chips sit in the tall grass alongside the road. Where did they come from, why are they sitting there, for what are these slabs intended, and when, if ever, will they be removed?  It is ugly and the very definition of the word "eyesore".

Perhaps it is not fair to call what is obviously a thriving small business an eyesore, but this one truly is a mystery to me.  I am referring to the Adultmart store which sits on the right side of  McKnight Road when yo are traveling north.  It is between the Chili's / Ross Park Mall traffic light and the McDonald's.  What amazes me is not the fact that this store exists, but that you can never, and I mean never, drive on McKnight past that store and not see at least six - and usually more -  cars parked there.  Early in the morning on the way to work, out on you lunch hour, driving home from work, or late at night after a Pirate game or a show in the Cultural District, that parking lot will be full.  Who are these people that seem to populate that store ALL THE TIME?

As I said, it's a mystery to me.

Even more amazing, sharing the parking lot with the Adultmart, is a video rental store.  Who actually goes to a bricks-and-mortar video rental store any more?  

As my old Highmark friend of mine, and he knows who he is, might put it, I wonder about these things.

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