Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcome, Artie Burns

You will get no in depth analysis of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 draft picks from me other than this.

  • I like it that their first round selection has a name that sounds like the name of a character in a Neil Simon play....Artie Burns.
  • I thought it was interesting that they took defensive backs with their first two choices.
  • I thought it interesting that they selected only one offensive "skill position" player, a wide receiver in the seventh round.
As for how they, the Steelers, "did in the draft", let's wait until at least next January, after we've seen these guys actually play, or attempt to play, football in the NFL.  Then we'll know how well the talent evaluators did.

As for Burns, the Steelers no doubt needed a corner back, or, as we like to say, a "shut down corner", so let us all hope that he has the goods to start and play well for Rooney U.  Personally, I am rooting for the kid for more than football reasons.  Burns' back story regarding the death of his mother, his incarcerated father who has played no role in his life, and his taking responsibility for raising his two younger brothers, as well as child of his own, is one where you really hope that he can make it and become successful.

Plus, after seeing some of the outlandish outfits worn by those players about to be drafted on Thursday night, I love it that Burns showed up in Pittsburgh on Friday wearing a blue business suit, white shirt, and rep tie.   Now that's making a statement!

Here we go, Steelers, here we go!


  1. Good analysis on the draft...don't forget that Antonio Brown was a #6 so the draft is an unscientific process...shall I say luck plays a large part into a successful draft class. All the best to Artie, Steeler Nation will embrace him if he is not a knucklehead. I concur that he knows how to dress like an adult professional and that is most refreshing today. I wonder if he can dance?