Monday, May 9, 2016

"Tru" at the Pittsburgh Public Theater

The fifth offering of the Pittsburgh Public Theater season is Jay Presson Allen's "Tru", a one man play about author and society gadabout Truman Capote.  Broadway actor Eddie Korbich plays Capote with great gusto, and his performance is fine.  As for the play, meh.

It takes place over two days right before Christmas in 1975, shortly after a magazine article presenting a couple of chapters of Capote's upcoming novel was published.  The novel, which never was published, named names and dished dirt about many of Capote's society friends and turned him into a pariah among the High Society in which he reveled.  The play was pretty much Capote telling us to feel sorry for him.  The first act was entertaining, and set us up, I thought, for some sort of climax that never really came in Act Two.

After what has been a dynamic and entertaining season, this play was bit of a letdown.  Korbich was great, but his material just never seemed to go anywhere.

Can't win 'em all, PPT.

Two stars for this one from The Grandstander.

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