Friday, October 7, 2016

Movie Review: "The Girl On The Train" (No Spoilers)

Regular readers may recall that I wrote a review of the best selling Paula Hawkins novel, "The Girl On the Train" way back in March, 2015.  To refresh your memory:

I really liked the book, and the immense popularity of it made it a sure thing that it would be made into a movie.  Now, whenever Hollywood decides to convert a popular book into a movie, there is always the risk that they will, how can I say this....screw it up.  Those fears came alive when the first thing you heard about the movie was that the location of the story would be moved from suburban London to suburban New York City.  Oh, well, take a deep breath and check it out anyway, I said to myself.

Fear not.  This film adaptation by screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson and director Tate Taylor delivers the goods.  The locale aside, it is a taut and suspenseful thriller, dark and gritty at times, and a faithful adaptation of the novel.

The movie stars Emily Blunt as Rachel, the Girl On The Train.  It is not a glamorous role, and she pulls it off quite well.  It also stars Haley Bennett and Rebecca Ferguson are Megan and Anna, the two other key women in the story, and Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, and Edgar Ramirez as the male figures in the story. Also featured are TV regulars Allison Janney, Laura Prepon, and Lisa Kudrow.  Kudrow's character was not in the book, but she plays a significant role in advancing the plot.

The story deals with a missing woman who may or may not be dead, an alcoholic heroine who may or may not be delusional, and husbands and wives who may or may not be as wholesome as they appear.

I'll say no more, other than to say that if you have read the book, I don't think that you will be disappointed in Hollywood's version of it, and if you haven't read the book, you're in for a pretty nifty thriller if you go see it, which I recommend that you do!

Four Stars from The Grandstander.

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