Monday, October 24, 2016

World Series Time!

The time has come for the Grand-Daddy of All Important Sporting Events in America, the World Series.  If you have been following this Blog, you know that I have continually been picking against both the Indians and the Cubs, and calling for a Dodgers World Series victory from Day One.  Well, when you are wrong you are wrong.  (For the record, I went 3-for-4 in picking the Division Series, and 0-for-2 in the League Championship Series.)

So, time for a do-over.  I admit that my picking against the Cubs had more to do with a dislike for Joe Maddon, and my own personal rooting preferences, than it did with sound baseball logic.  Somewhere amidst all of those prediction posts, I believe that I did say that the Cubs were, in fact, the best team among all of those in the post-season.  It is now time that I bow to the inevitable in making a prediction, and here it is:

The CUBS to win in six games.  And as an added prediction, the Series MVP will be Anthony Rizzo.  I know that Kris Bryant is terrific, and will probably win the NL MVP Award this year, but when the Pirates play the Cubs, the guy that I fear the most in that line up is Anthony Rizzo.

As for a rooting interest, well, that is a different story.  Marilyn and I lived in Cleveland from 1974-78. Yes, the glory days of Frank Robinson, Gaylord Perry, Buddy Bell, Wayne Garland, Rick Manning, and, yes, a young George Hendrick, before he was Joggin' George.  My first loyalties were always with our Beloved Buccos in those years, but, yes, we became Tribe fans during those years, and that rooting interest will be with us once again as this World Series plays itself out.  Plus, in a battle between smug and self-important Joe Maddon and Terry Francona, there really is no contest as to who you see want to hoist that trophy.

So, Let's Go Tribe. It's how to root, but probably not how you want to bet.

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