Saturday, February 4, 2017

Super Bowl Prediction Time

The Grandstander brings an 8-2 NFL Playoffs Predictions record to tomorrow's Super Bowl.  Pretty good, but that second loss on the ledger sure did hurt.  Oh, well, time to put that behind and start anew.

The Patriots-Falcons match up doesn't seem to be generating a lot of buzz nationally, but by all indications it shapes up to be  a high scoring affair and a close game.  It pits the presumptive NFL MVP Matt Ryan - and hasn't he been great in the Playoffs? - against four time Super Bowl winning QB, the Golden Boy, Tom Brady.   The Pats are a narrow favorite,  and many of the so-called experts are actually calling for an Atlanta win.  

Not me.

Hate them all you want, but it cannot be denied that Bill Belichick may well be the greatest coach in NFL history (yep, I said that), and Tom Brady may well be the greatest quarterback in NFL history. 

 That being the case,  and with an historic fifth Super Bowl win for this tandem at hand, I'm calling it a Patriots victory tomorrow.

I'll also throw in two other predictions:

  • The Patriots will cover the -3 point betting spread.
  • Over/Under is 59.5.  OVER will win that bet.
As always, watch, but don't bet.

I will close with some pictures of everyone's favorite football party animal.  The guy is the epitome of "Wild and Crazy", don't you think?

Oh, and for any Cleveland Browns fans who might be reading this, don't you wish that this was still the case?

Enjoy the game, everyone!

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  1. I agree that the PATS easily cover the 3. I read where Joe Greene said not to hate on the PATS for being a great team almost like the Super Steelers of the 70's...if #75 says they are ok then who am I to disagree. Enjoy the contest, hope the likes of Lady GAGA do not do anything stupid and put a chill on the day --- how about leaving the politics in the closet for Super Bowl Sunday. I hope that the smarty pants ad men bring back the Clydesdale horses, any commercial with a chimp in it and the Go Daddy commercials. The over computerazation of everything is getting annoying to this old salt.