Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Yet A Few More Post-Super Bowl Thoughts

I mentioned in my post on Monday how I felt about Robert Kraft's comments on the podium during the Lombardi Trophy presentation.  Upon further thought, I have decided that Mr. Kraft has earned a very special award for his behavior.  Hey, Bob, this one's for you!

Jockey's silks will be a blue shirt with a white collar.


I also read today about Rob Gronkowski at the victory parade in Boston yesterday.  Gronk, who, I'll remind you, didn't play throughout the playoffs,  took off his shirt and chugged beer throughout the parade.  Very classy.  A special citation for The Gronk here.


Finally, I love this quote attributed to Bill Belichick on Monday.  "Winning yesterday was nice, but it also means that we are five weeks behind every other team in preparations for the 2017 season."

Yeah, you gotta love Coach Bill.

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  1. Well said Bob...I am no fan of Bellichick (who has local connections in Monesson) BUT you have to give him credit for instilling focus and discipline in hit team...Coach T needs to tighten up that locker room if he wants to beat the PATS in a play off game next year.