Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another Paradigm Shifts, or How We Met and Fell in Love With Uber

We were going to be in Seattle for two days and nights, we had no car, no tour guide, and little idea how to get around.  The solution.....Uber.  (That's one of our rides pictured above.)

Now I realize that many of you reading this have already made use of this ride sharing service, and that we are hopelessly late to the party here, but in our pre-travel planning with the Bonks, we pretty much decided that Uber would be how we would get around while in Seattle, so I loaded up that Uber App....

onto my phone prior to our leaving and prepared myself for yet another plunge into the 21st century.

How was it?  Well, as Dan kept saying repeatedly during our time in Seattle, "this Uber really is the cat's ass, isn't it?"   Indeed it was and is. From the airport to the hotel to the Space Needle and various other tourist spots to the Chateau St. Michele Winery (a 30+ minute drive from downtown) and back again to the railroad station.  Never a wait of more that five or six minutes for a ride.  Never a worry about navigating in a strange city.  It was great.  It was, well, the cat's ass!  Our total costs (we alternated our Uber calls between us) were probably around $160, easily less than what we would have paid to rent a car and pay for parking, and you can't put a price on eliminating the stress of how to navigate from one point to another. Honestly, I don't know that we will ever rent a car again when traveling.

Again, I know that we are way behind the curve on this, and I know many of our friends who have been Uber-ing for several years, but when you discover something like this for the first time, it is a revelation.

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