Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Mayoral Wager

As I was four time zones away when the Stanley Cup Finals began, I missed that standard journalistic chestnut, The Bet Between the Mayors. Can anyone fill me in on what was at stake between these two political titans? Let me take a crack at it before you tell me, though.  

Had the Predators won, I am guessing that Bill Peduto, in addition to having to wear a Predators jersey (okay, Tim Baker, "sweater") at an official function, he would also be sending a case of Iron City Beer and a dozen Primanti's sandwiches down to Nashville for Mayor Megan Berry and her staff to "enjoy".

With the Penguins victory, I am guessing that Mayor Peduto and his staff will be dining on some Nashville barbecue and receiving CD Box Sets of Vince Gill, Luke Bryan, and Kenny Chesney (but definitely not Carrie Underwood!). I am also guessing that Mayor Berry will look pretty attractive wearing that Penguins jersey (sweater) at whatever ribbon cutting she has to attend this week.

Megan Berry
Mayor of Nashville

Very attractive Mayor you've got there, Nashville. Let's face it, Sophie Masloff she ain't!

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