Monday, June 12, 2017

To A Trio of Absent Friends

While away on vacation, and in the whirl of catching up with life upon the return from vacation, some notable people have left us.

Frank Deford

Sportswriter Frank Deford, one of the very best and probably the most literate sportswriters of his generation, died two weeks ago at the age of 78.  Rather than detail Deford's distinguished career in this space, I will just refer you to this Grandstander post from May 18, 2012 that describes Deford's memoir, "Over Time, My Life As A Sportswriter".

It is a terrific book that assures that Deford's wonderful writing and stories will always be with us.

Adam West

Adam West, who died at age 88 last week, had an acting career that, according to IMDB, included 193 acting credits, stretched back to 1954, and was still going strong as one of the voice actors on the cartoon series "Family Guy".  However, West will be forever remembered as Bruce Wayne/Batman on the camp classic TV series that ran from 1966-68.  You read in the obits that West chaffed at first at becoming typecast and remembered only as Batman, but, in time, he came to embrace the form of immortality that this gave him.  I can remember seeing him play himself in a 2016 episode of "The Big Bang Theory".  It was a self-deprecating role, and he was quite charming in it.  And he worked until the end of his very long life, which is something any actor would want.

Glenne Headley
1955 - 2017

Actress Glenne Headley died over the weekend at the  age of 62.  According to IMDB, she has 73 acting credits going back to 1972, and was currently staring in a cable streaming series.  She also had a successful stage career.  I best remember her for two roles:  Elmira Boot Johnson in the great 1989 mini-series "Lonesome Dove" and as Iris Holland, Richard Dreyfuss' wife in the wonderful movie, "Mr. Holland's Opus" (1995).  She had many other film and television roles, and I always found her to be quite good in anything that she did.

No cause of death was released, but 62 is way-too-young for anyone to leave us.

RIP Frank Deford, Adam West, Glenne Headley.

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