Monday, July 19, 2010

Countdown: 7 Days and Counting

Only seven more days until we will be in our new house. It has reached the point where there is nothing left to do here in Field Club Drive, and the sight of boxes stacked everywhere is getting tiresome and just a bit creepy. We need to be getting out of the house these final days.

Today, I spent a delightful nine holes on the links with nephew Patrick.
Tomorrow, a trip to the Rivers Casino is planned.
Wednesday, a possible lunch date with former co-workers.
Thursday, taking the car for servicing.

That should kill time until the movers arrive on Friday. We will remain in a near empty 1537 on Fri-Sat-Sun. Then, the Big Day comes on Monday.

Last night, Marilyn and I had dinner and drinks on the back porch and reminisced about Memories of Field Club Drive. A very nice trip down Memory Lane, and knowing who reads this blog, be assured, dear readers, that YOU were mentioned during that conversation.

On another matter, I m declaring a temporary moratorium on Pirates talk. As one Loyal Reader has pointed out, what more can be said? So, barring some major development at 115 Federal Street, Pirate talk will be silent for at least two weeks. But before I cease and desist, I can't help but note that GM Opie was quoted in the paper once again this morning, saying that the Pirates under his watch have succeeded in all goals except for "wins on the major league level." Is it just me who thinks that this means that they have failed?

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  1. Just read all your copy-paste instructions to Montrose. Do puzzles on the puzzle pages, what you have is a deterrent to commenting.

    Don't know who to turn to.