Friday, July 16, 2010

The Pirates Just Continue to Amaze You

In his blog this morning, Dejon Kovacevic reports that one of the reasons for the recent platooning of Lastings Milledge and Ryan Church was that Pirates management wanted to see how Milledge would "handle" it - would he pout, complain, stop working, or cause trouble.

THIS gets consideration when when you set your line-up?!?! In a season filled with Neal Huntington and John Russell screw-ups, this one really takes the cake. I can just see the pre-game strategy sessions:

JR: (silence)
NH: Let's see, since we probably won't win more than two of the next ten games anyway, what can we come up with to show how clever I am?
JR: (silence)
NH: Lastings Milledge has surprised everyone by being a hard worker and a good citizen ever since he came here. Maybe we should try to goad him into causing trouble like he did with the Mets and the Nationals.
JR: (silence)
NH: I know, let's platoon Milledge with Ryan Church, who stinks and can't hit worth a lick. Let's see if that riles up Milledge and causes him the wreak havoc inside the locker room. Gosh, what a swell idea!
JR: Okay.

As Butch always said to Sundance, just who ARE these guys? And why are they running a major league baseball club?


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