Friday, January 2, 2015

Bleary-Eyed Reflections On The First CFP

After seven and one-half hours of watching the College Football Playoffs, I offer these bleary-eyed and dead-assed observations.....

  • Like many, I was delighted to see the Florida State Seminoles and their overly entitled miscreant (allegedly) of a QB not only get beat, but get their heads handed to them on a platter by Oregon.
  • Oregon sure is a fun team to watch.
  • Did you catch Nike Punjab Phil Knight standing on the sideline with the Oregon team? Guess he just wants the world to know who REALLY runs the show up there in Eugene.
  • How about Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit pimping for Oregon coach Mark Helfrich to get a big raise, since he made so much less money than the other three coaches in the CFP?
  • Speaking of Herbstreit, I genuinely respect his knowledge of the game, and I believe that he does a great job as an analyst, but his constant use of the term "true freshman" absolutely drives me up the wall.  STOP IT ALREADY!!!!
  • Besides, at this point in the season, those players were playing in their thirteenth game of the year.  Their freshman status should be irrelevant at this point.
  • I am guessing that Jameis Winston will announce that he is leaving Florida State to enter the NFL Draft by midnight Sunday, if he hasn't already.  And if he has ever actually been inside a Florida State classroom, I am sure he will never be inside another one ever again.
  • When Alabama went up 21-6 early on, I figured that I'd be in bed by halftime.
  • Not sure how Ohio State QB Cardale Jones got it done, he looked clumsy and awkward at times, but get it done he did.
  • That Alabama-Ohio State game was a terrific one, but both teams showed unbelievably poor clock management in the closing minutes of the game.
  • Wonder what all of the SEC fanatics and apologists will be saying today in light of Alabama losing to a team in a (supposedly) inferior conference who (allegedly) did not belong in the four team playoff in the first place?  They are no doubt weeping all across the Confederacy as we speak.
  • How much do you think Urban Meyer is paid by Gatorade?  I mean, he has to have some sort of deal with them what with the way he was chugging that bottle of holding up that towel during his post-game interview.
  • I like Todd Blackledge as an analyst, but I missed the bit they do during the season where he goes to local bars and restaurants and loads up on local food dishes.  New Orleans would have been perfect for that particular bit of schtick.
Getting away from the actual football, here are some other observations made from sitting in front of the boob tube for close to eight straight hours.....
  • I busied myself by "Live Facebooking" throughout both games.  I did this on both my regular FB news feed and the outstanding Western Pennsylvania Football Huddle Chat Page.  This is a fun way to watch an event, and it was almost as if folks like Tim Baker, Joe Risacher, Sean McCormick, Matthew Algeo and numerous other friends were sitting in the living room with me watching. Thanks to all.
  • Since Marilyn had the iPad, I was using the web browser on my Kindle Fire HD tablet to Facebook.  The auto-correct feature on the Kindle drove me nuts.  It did not allow me to type out such words as "Jameis", "Bo" (as in Jackson), "NFL", and "trickeration" (although thank God for that, I suppose).  It was quite frustrating.
  • Commercials I liked: The commercials that featured Doug Flutie, Joe Montana, Herschel Walker, and Bo Jackson (think it was for some kind of phone network; AT&T?), any AT&T  commercial featuring Lily, any Viagra commercial with the hot chicks on them.
  • Commercials I disliked: Those Allstate "mayhem" commercials (sorry about that, Dave Glass), Matthew McConaughey car commercials, the ones where the dudes rub their pits and snap their fingers after spraying on deodorant, and the one about the Garcias getting a new Buick.
  • No commercials are more fun and/or cringe worthy than those for local automobile dealerships, and two come to mind immediately.  The first is the one with Susan Baierl and the odd way in which she has her head turned to her right, showing only the left side of her face.  Why does she do that?  She appears to be a very attractive woman. Why doesn't she face the camera head on?  (I made a post on Facebook  about this and received over a dozen responses, so I am not the only person who has noticed this.)  The second such commercial is any one with Rob Cochran.  Exactly how much time does he spend getting his hair to look exactly like that?
As you can no doubt tell, I am pretty much footballed out after last night, and I will probably even skip all or part of today's Pitt game (although I may give it the "FF" treatment via the DVR later) in order to be fresh for the Steelers-Ravens tomorrow night.  Instead, a trip to the Meadows Casino looms in our plans for this day, although it will never be as much fun as the trip to the FGE Casino this past Tuesday evening!

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