Friday, January 30, 2015

Movie Review - "The Imitation Game"

We recently saw the movie "The Imitation Game", and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  It tells the story of mathematical genius Alan Turing and his efforts while working for British Intelligence during World War II in cracking the German's "Enigma Code".  The movie has been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, and star Benedict Cumberbatch has been nominated for Best Actor, and both nominations are quite worthy.  

The movie is very well acted and quite suspenseful and it does tell a terrific story.  It also tells a very sad story in how the real life Mr. Turing was treated by the very British government, a government that, it can be argued, he did very much to save, because he was homosexual.  Sad.

You also get to see the guy who plays Thomas Branson in "Downton Abbey" in a different role.

In any event, we will always remember this movie, not so much because it was so good (which it was), but because of the circumstances under which we watched it.

Last week, on our last day in Hawaii we had, and this often happens when traveling, an inordinate amount of time to kill between our 1:00 check out time and when we had to get to the airport in Maui for our 10:00 flight home.  What to do?

So, we found this place

in the town of Kahului, and in this open air shopping mall we found this place

so, what the hell, we took in a movie.

Now "seeing a movie" was not on the agenda as we planned our trip to Hawaii, but it turned out to be great way to kill all those empty hours we had on our hands.  And it will assure us that we will never forget "The Imitation Game".

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