Thursday, January 1, 2015

College Football Playoff

Like most football fans, I look forward to the inaugural College Football Playoffs, the semi-finals of which will be staged today in the Rose and Sugar Bowls.  It is the culmination of what people have wanted, seemingly, forever.

So, short and sweet, the always anticipated Grandstander predictions:

Rose Bowl

The Oregon Nike Ducks take on the Florida State "We Strictly Enforce the Student Code of Conduct" Seminoles.  A battle of the last two Heisman Trophy winners.  The defending champ FSU has been pushed to the limit many times this season and has seemed to have to pull games out of their collective butts week after week, but led by their controversial but talented quarterback, they have done it, and remain undefeated, the only such team in the country.  I think that ends today, and the best team that Phil Knight can buy prevails.

Sugar Bowl

Has there ever been a game of such importance where two more warm, friendly, and lovable coaches such as Urban Meyer and Nick Saban have faced off against each other?  Man, I sure can't remember it if it has.

Ohio State has an inexplicable early season loss to Virginia Tech (who lost to Pitt, I remind you) on its schedule, and the Big Ten did not garner a lot of respect throughout the season, but if you go by the highly cliched "eye test", the Buckeyes may have been playing the best football of any team by the time the season ended.  However, Alabama ruled the powerful SEC once again, and they are, after all, Alabama, so I am saying The Tide Rolls.

Should be two great games and they will lead to an Oregon - Alabama match-up in Dallas eleven days from now.

As always, watch but don't bet!

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