Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Grandstander is Back!

I am sure that you have all noticed that The Grandstander has been off the grid in recent weeks, or maybe you haven't, but at any rate, I am back in my perch in the Grandstand.  Where have I been, you may ask?  Well, when it comes to reporting on social media, I like to try to follow the wise rule of one Mr. Dan Bonk which states, "never tell people where you are going; only tell them where you have been", and where I have been is off on a trip with Mrs. Grandstander to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary, which took place on December 27.

The trip covered fourteen days and included two nights in San Francisco, three nights in Honolulu, and seven nights in Maui.  It was our third time in San Francisco (although it had been thirty years since the last visit), and our first visit to Hawaii.

Rather than doing one long Grandstander post summarizing the entire trip, my plan is to do several shorter posts over the next week or so telling the highlights of the trip, so watch for them.

I will tell you this, the trip was everything we had hoped for and wanted it to be.

So, if you want to hear all about it, in the words of Steve McGarrett, as played by Jack Lord, "Be here. Aloha."

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