Saturday, January 23, 2016

Championship Predictions

Perhaps my favorite football day of the year takes place tomorrow, the NFL Conference Championship games.

The Grandstander went 4-0 in his predictions last week, and now stands at 7-1 in this NFL post-season.

I know that Tom Brady's Patriots are 2-6 in games at Denver, and I know that Denver has a great defense, and I know that just about everyone, including me, is hoping that Peyton Manning can muster up greatness just one more time, but I just am not seeing it.  The Patriots win it.

Every time I think of this game, I come up with a different winner.  One thing for sure is that if Carson Palmer plays like he did against Green Bay last week, there is no way Arizona wins this.  Plus, I just heard a commentator on the radio say that Palmer still has some of, and this is a quote, "the stink of the Bengals on him", and that makes it hard to pick the Cardinals.  However, when Palmer finally got around to throwing to Larry Fitzgerald last week, the Cardinals took over that game ( and they STILL almost lost). Carolina overwhelmed Seattle last week.  True, they did allow the Seahawks to get back in the game, but was it ever really in doubt.  I am going to do what I always do in a close game, and go with the better quarterback.  The Panthers to win.

There you go.  A Patriots - Panthers Super Bowl.  As always, watch but don't bet.

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