Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Movie Review - "Sisters"

We saw this R-rated comedy yesterday, and yes, it was funny, and yes, we often times laughed out loud.  This movie will never win any awards, but it was a good movie and a successful movie in that it succeeded in accomplishing what it was meant to do...make you laugh.

Much of what I read about this movie in recent weeks expressed a great deal of puritanical shock because because the two stars of the movie, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, actually cursed in the movie.  Oh, the humanity!!!  Yeah, they did, a lot, but people, even women, do actually talk like that.  And it was well written, so it was, you know, funny.

The movie concerns two sisters, wild, irresponsible, single mother, party animal Fey, and always responsible and somewhat uptight Poehler.  Seems that their parents - brilliantly played by Dianne Wiest and James Brolin - have sold their home, and need their adult daughters to come home and clean out their lifetime's worth of "stuff".  Stunned by the idea of losing the home in which they grew up, the sisters decide to have one last blow out of a party, this kind for which they were famous as teenagers, to send their house out with a bang.  Hijinks, as they say, ensue.

Like a lot of movies like this, it went on a little too long, but it was funny, and it does have one terrific thing going for it, and that is the obvious chemistry between the two stars, Fey and Poehler.  I hope that they will continue to make other movies together.  Just so long as it's not the same movie.

Two and one-half stars from The Grandstander on this one.  

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