Monday, January 18, 2016

Great Season Comes to Disappointing End

As yesterday's Steelers-Broncos game entered the fourth quarter, I said to myself, "The Steelers are missing Le'Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams a lot more than they are missing Antonio Brown today."  Of course, you know what happened shortly thereafter.  Fitzgerald Toussaint made a critical fumble as the Steelers appeared to be mounting a drive that, had it led to a touchdown, would have pretty much wrapped up the game.  

You know how in baseball, you often times might run into a well-past-his-prime pitcher, who somehow managed to beat you by, to use the hallowed cliches that I love so much, being  "crafty" and getting by on "guts and guile"?  Well, after Denver recovered that fumble, that is what Peyton Manning turned into.  Manning spent most of the game looking like a shell of his once great self, but when it counted the most, he became, well, Peyton Manning, and he delivered the goods for Denver when it counted the most.

I'm not going to give a painful recounting of the game.  If you care enough to be reading this, you already know.  I will say, though, that for the most part of this 2015 season, the Steelers delivered the goods for us fans.  We all know about the injuries that they had to overcome.  Who among us, while watching Ben Roethlisberger being carted off the field early in the season with that injured foot possibly imagined that we would be watching the team playing deep into January?  Did you think, early on, that we would be praising the work done by the Steelers defense, particularly the line and the linebackers (admittedly, help is needed in the defensive backfield)?

Speaking for myself, I will take a lot of pleasant memories from this 2015 version of the team.  They were far from perfect, but in the end, they were pretty damn good.

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