Monday, June 10, 2013

Big Poppy Scores!

Big Poppy, the Official Broadway Correspondent for The Grandstander, was forced to watch last night's Tony Awards while vacationing in Hawaii.  How great for him?  Two weeks ago I posted his predictions for this year's Tonys, and you are no doubt wondering...How did he do?

Well, BP made predictions in eight categories, and he was correct on five of those predictions, correctly picking Best Revival of a Musical, Featured Actress in a Musical, Best Score, Leading Actress in a Musical, and Best Musical.  So while a 5-3 record doesn't qualify as hitting one out of the park, let's give BP credit for a solid extra base hit into the left centerfield gap.  And consider this: in two of the categories that he lost, Big Poppy called that the eventual winner "could be" Danny Kelly, and that another winner "should be" Billy Porter.  Both Kelly and Porter won in their respective categories, so BP was this close to a 7-1 record, which would have qualified as home run deep into the upper deck.

So congrats to the Sage of Landview Street for another solid performance, and we look forward to his predictions, and his frequent B'Way updates, in the months ahead.

And on the subject of Broadway, I failed to mention that Mrs. Grandstander and I took in the CLO production of "42nd Street" last week.  Talk about a high energy show!  Very enjoyable night at the Benedum.

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