Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tonight's MLB Draft

I made this post on Facebook earlier today, and thought I'd put it out here as well:

The year the Pirates drafted Kris Benson #1 (and, don't forget, he was THE undisputed choice of everyone to go #1 that year), the guy who eventually became the best player of that entire draft class was Roy Oswalt, and he was drafted in the TWENTY-EIGHTH round. It is the most inexact science in all of sports. So, barring some obvious screw-up like Bullington-at-#1 or Moskos-Instead-of-Weiters, I'm going to try not to get too excited, one way or the other, over who the Pirates select tonight, and just hope that of the 50 guys they draft over the next few days, four or five will turn out to be good major league ballplayers, and maybe one or two will be all-stars. 

That would make it a very good draft class, I believe.

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