Sunday, June 9, 2013

"The Black Box" by Michael Connelly (No Spoilers)

There are few better police / detective novelists out there than Michael Connelly.  His novels featuring LA police detective Harry Bosch are among the best of the genre.   I just finished reading the latest, "The Black Box", and it is par for the course.

Harry, now working Open and Unsolved cases, stumbles upon one that is personal for him.  A foreign journalist, was killed in 1992 during the riots in Los Angeles following the Rodney King verdicts.   Harry was the homicide detective who was called to the scene at the time, but the case was never solved.   Now, the cold case file has fallen on Harry's desk and he won't stop until it's solved.

It's a good story, to be sure, but I do have one beef with the Bosch series.  When you read one or two of these books, they stand well on their own, but when you read a lot of them, and I've probably read a dozen or so of them over the years, you start to get tired of the way Harry is constantly butting heads with his superiors.  They always seem to have something in for Harry, and he never, and I mean never, follows procedures and orders.  He always has to do things his way, and he always seems to be under investigation by Internal Affairs, and he always to be just this close to being suspended, fired, or even arrested.  

I get tired of that. 

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