Monday, June 10, 2013

Neal Still Has a Way With Words

The Pirates are playing well, are 11 games over .500, and only four games out of first place, AND they are there due in large part to contributions of guys acquired, by one means or another, by GM Neal Huntington.  The tendency is to now go a little easy on Neal, or at least easier than many of critics usually do.

However, with Gerrit Cole now in Pittsburgh and set to make his debut tomorrow night, Neal still proves that he has a way with the wacky quotes.  This, from this morning's Post-Gazette:

"There's certainly discomfort because in an ideal world, it is probably a little early," Huntington said. "There are still some things he needs to work on. The worst reason you can bring a prospect to the major leagues is because of a need, and we've been able to avoid that until now."

That's right, Neal, why bring up a prospect just because the major league team might need him, especially when in an "ideal world", you can keep those guys in the minor leagues for another three or four years.  (As an aside,  what is the over/under on when Austin Meadows and/or Reese McGuire, assuming that they can actually play, will arrive in Pittsburgh?  I'm saying 2018.)  

In an ever-changing world, when things seem to finally be breaking his way, it is somewhat comforting to see that Neal can still spread the NHB.

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