Thursday, October 2, 2014

Giants 8 - Pirates 0

Yes, the Pirates loss to the Giants in the Wild Card Game last night was a disappointment, but it was hardly a heart breaker.  (Now, the Oakland A's loss to Kansas City the night before? THAT was heart breaker if you're an Oakland fan.)  However, the loss does not detract from the excitement of seeing post-season baseball at PNC Park, 

of gathering with good friends before and during the game, 

and of being part of an absolutely electrifying atmosphere.

Well, the atmosphere was electric, that is, right up until the time when Brandon Crawford hit that grand slam home run.  That was kind of a surreal moment, by the way.  The swing of the bat, the flight of the ball, watching Travis Snider back up for it, and then seeing it land in the right field seats seemed to go in slow motion, and when the ball finally landed, I said to myself, "my God, he just hit a grand slam home run and we're now losing 4-0."  I thought it was just me until I met up with Len Martin after the game (we were sitting on opposite sides of the ball park), and he said that he had the exact same thoughts as I did.  Weird.

Well, we now wait 'til next year, but until then, THANK YOU, David Cicotello for scoring the tickets for the game on Stub Hub, and THANKS to the Pittsburgh Pirates for another exciting and electric season in 2014.

Can't wait until Opening Day, 2015. 

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