Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Golf Season Coming to a Close - Maybe

Our usual Tuesday Group of Retiree Golfers, mostly from Highmark, but some are FOH (Friends of Highmarkers), gathered today at The Club at  Shadow Lakes (formerly the Beaver Lakes CC) for what many conceded, looking at both the calendar and the long range weather forecast for next week, may be the last big gathering of the golf season.  

For the occasion, Fred Shugars decided to take a group photo, which you can see above.  Alas, what with Fred being the photographer, he does not appear in the photo, which is too bad, since Fred can be considered the engine that makes the golf group run.  He makes the tee times, sends out the emails, and stuff like that. So THANKS to Fred for making all that happen, and thanks to all the members of the group for the terrific company and camaraderie as we beat golf balls all across Western Pennsylvania this past spring, summer, and fall.  It is a great group in which to be a part.

And if today was the last outing of the season, I am happy with how the play went.  I played with John Lisak and Fred today, and shot a 101 (52-49).  Not great, but okay for me.  And the highlight was the very last hole, #18, a par five.  After my third shot, I was in rough 142 yards (according to John's range finder) from the center of the green, and I struck one of my better shots in recent memory.  It went straight and true, landed just short of the green, and rolled on to within about two feet of the pin.  Given the way I was putting today, that was not a sure thing, but this time, I DID make the putt for my par.  YESSSSSS!

As I said, a great way to end (possibly) the 2014 golf season!

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