Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pitchers at the Plate

Prior to the 2014 season, I vowed to cease getting into debates and arguments over the Designated Hitter.  Such arguments have become boring and tiring, everyone already knew where everybody else stood on the matter, and no one was going to change their minds on the subject, so why bother?

Still, people continue to go down the path.  I am convinced that many people are talking about it just to bait people, so why give them the satisfaction?  

Last night, yet another lengthy debate ensued on Facebook while Game Two of the World Series was unfolding.  Zzzzzzzzz (the debate, not the game itself)......

Anyway, it did prompt me to check out some stats.  I present them to the Court for its consideration.  I present only the facts, and offer no opinion.  You all can draw your own conclusions.

In the 2014 season, Pittsburgh Pirates pitchers accumulated 297 At Bats.  Those AB's produced 29 hits, two of them for extra bases, for a batting average of .098.  Pirate pitchers hit one (1) home run and drove in 6 runs.  The OPS for the Bucco pitchers was .244.

(To put that OPS figure in perspective, Pirates players Brent Morel, Michael Martinez, and Jayson Nix had an OPS of .450, .363, and .269, respectively.)

The Pirates pitchers ranked 13th in the National League in both BA and OPS.  The team whose pitchers lead the NL in these categories was the Los Angeles Dodgers.  In 312 AB's, the Dodgers hurlers had 51 hits (14 for extra bases) for a .163 BA, hit one (1) home run and drove in 16 runs.  Their OPS was .425.  Better that Michael Martinez and Jayson Nix, to be sure, but not as good as Brent Morel.

As I said, I'll let each individual decide how they feel about that.

And I'll salute that well known Pirates slugger, Gerrit Cole, who went 8-for-46 this year, .174, 1 HR, 2 RBI, and a .447 OPS.

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