Sunday, October 26, 2014

Steelers 51 - Colts 34; Ben Breaks All the Records

I know, I know.  In my post this morning I said that I did not feel optimistic about the Steelers chances against the Colts today and even used the word "thrashing" as a possible result in today's contest.

This guy had other ideas.

  • 522 passing yards, a new Steelers records
  • 6 TD passes, a new Steelers record
  • No interceptions
  • His second career 500+ yards passing game, a new NFL record
  • His 100th win in 150 starts, the fourth QB to ever do that
Remember two years ago when rookie QB Robert Griffin III was the talk of the NFL, and Washington came into Heinz Field and Ben and the Steelers thoroughly whipped both Griffin and his team?  I said at the time that it seemed that Ben Roethlisberger had decided before that game to remind everyone just exactly who the best QB on the field really was that day.  I think that the same thing happened today.

Not to take anything away from Andrew Luck. He had over 400 years in passing today as well, but he also threw two critical interceptions, and committed a really stupid grounding penalty that resulted in a safety for the Steelers in the fourth quarter when the game was, conceivably, still up for grabs.

Also, those receivers other than Antonio Brown who looked so bad for the first six weeks, seemed to have caught on to the NFL game in the last two weeks.  Also, Mike Tomlin, who everyone wanted fired a few weeks ago, seems to have gotten pretty good in the last two weeks.  Same for Todd Haley, and although I am still not a fan of his, that fourth down and inches call of the roll out pass from Ben to Heath Miller from the Colts ten yard line for a TD was brilliant!

And lo and behold, the Steelers are back in the hunt in the AFC Central, with games against the Ravens next week and two with the Bengals late in the season.  I guess we really need to see how an entire sixteen game schedule plays out, and I include myself in that because I sure as hell didn't see coming what I saw this afternoon.

Here we go.....

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