Friday, October 17, 2014

Hail to the Giants!

Another come-from-behind-to-tie-it-up-and-win-it-with-a-walk-off-homer to decide the National League pennant last night.  

Giants 6 - Cardinals 3.  Giants win series, four games to one.

As I was at the Pitt football game last night, I didn't get to see what appeared to be a classic Bumgarner-Wainwright pitcher's duel, and a bunch of home runs.  I did get to the car after the football game in time to hear the bottom of the ninth inning, just in time to hear Travis Ishikawa - TRAVIS ISHIKAWA!!!! - go Bobby Thomson and deliver the pennant to the Giants.

Really, these games in the WC, LDS, and LCS leading up to the World Series....could they possibly have been any better or more exciting?

(Well, yeah, the Pirates could have beaten the Giants in that Wild Card game, but I digress.)

Here's hoping that the Giants-Royals World Series will not be anti-climactic, and that the tension, suspense, and terrific baseball will continue...and that it will go seven games.

Allow me to cogitate a bit before giving you a revised prediction (I had called Cardinals and Royals prior to the LCS).  Game One is Tuesday night.  I will have it for you prior to the first pitch.

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