Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mary Chapin Carpenter

This past Sunday evening, Marilyn and I toddled on down to the Byham Theater to see one of our favorites, Mary Chapin Carpenter, in concert.  Carpenter is touring to promote her latest album, "Sometimes Just The Sky".

The album includes "reworkings" of some of her past songs, plus the original title track.

This marks the third time that we have seen Mary Chapin Carpenter perform (1995 at the Palumbo Center and 2012 at the Homestead Carnegie Library).  Miss Carpenter turned sixty earlier this year, and she has aged gracefully and well.  She looked great and sounded as good as ever.  In addition to songs from the new album she included many, many of her past hits in Her one hour and forty-five minute set.  Songs like The Hard Way, Why Walk When You Can Fly, Stones in the Road, Shut Up and Kiss Me, I Feel Lucky, and this one, which is one of my personal favorites....

Well, she didn't do Saturday Night At The Twist and Shout, but you can't have everything!

She also was very personable between songs and interacted wonderfully with the audience.

The opening act featured Emily Barker, a young singer/songwriter from Australia who was very, very good.

It was wonderful evening, and if and when Miss Carpenter comes back to Pittsburgh in the next couple of years, we'll be there again.  You should be, too.

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