Thursday, June 21, 2018

When Bob Met KJ, or Littles Meeting Littles

If you are a regular listener of the Tony Kornheiser Show Podcast, you will appreciate this story about the connective tissue of the show.  If you do not listen and are unfamiliar with the show, this story may not mean much, or even anything, to you, but it's a pretty cool story anyway.

Last night, Marilyn and I were at PNC Park to watch the Pirates play the Brewers.  It was also Robert Morris University Night, and Colonials rooters received a very cool Pirates hat in RMU colors with the school logo on the side.  Well, the game never started and we sat through a torrential - and I do mean torrential - rain delay.  To entertain the fans during the rain, the Pirates were showing the telecast of the Nationals-Orioles game on the jumbotron, and I made a note of that on a Facebook page devoted to fans of the TK Podcast.

A few minutes later, an attractive young blonde woman  wearing a Minnesota Twins windbreaker and cap walked through the row ahead of where we were sitting (it was an empty row), stopped in front of me, looked me in the eye, and said "La Cheeserie".  As listeners to the show can attest, this immediately identified her as a listener to the Kornheiser Pod, one of the legion of TK's "Loyal Littles".  But this was not just any Little.  When I returned the greeting and reached out to shake her hand, she said "I'm Kirstin Ohnstad".   Again, if you listen too the show, you know Kirstin, or KJ, as a contributor to the show, one of the many talented regulars who provide the often deprecating and always entertaining jingles to every show.  She had seen my Facebook post, looked up a picture of me, and saw that she was sitting only one section over from where Marilyn and I were sitting.

KJ and Me

Kirstin and her wife were traveling from their home in Minnesota to Washington DC for the annual "TK Jinglefest" that will be held in Washington this weekend.  Along the way, they were catching ballgames in Cleveland and Pittsburgh.  It may seem silly to you as you read this, but I can't tell you how cool it was to connect with someone in this fashion.  Marilyn and I spent a delightful hour or so chatting with Kirstin and Mandy.  They could not have been nicer.   In retrospect, the rain delay ended up being way better than the ballgame - it was eventually postponed - probably would have ended up  being.

Kornheiser often talks about the "connective tissue" that has developed among his listeners all across the country and beyond.  This was evidence of it.   It is always a pleasure to make new friends, especially in a manner such as this.

LA CHEESERIE, indeed!!!


  1. No salutes out of either of you? #sad

    1. We considered it, Jeff, but there were little kids sitting near us.