Wednesday, June 6, 2018

PFC James F. De Vine, Jr

In my post earlier today, I told of placing a rose on the grave of PFC James De Vine of Pennsylvania at the American Cemetery in Normandy last week.  I knew that in this age, where everything is on line somewhere, that information about Private De Vine could be found, and that at some point, I was going to do just that.  

I am grateful to my friend Kaye Peltier for beating me to the punch on this and providing the following.

James De Vine was born in Westmoreland County and was Killed in Action at Basse-Normandie, France at the age of 23.  He was a recipient of a Silver Star and a Purple Heart.

Being able to attach a face to that white marble cross in Normandy makes this all the more real. Thanks, Kaye, for doing the research here, and thank you to James De Vine and his family for their sacrifices.

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